Welcome to Providential Billing Solutions, where we embrace our mission to support the unsung heroes of our society—the dedicated individuals who tirelessly serve and assist others. Guided by our vision, we fervently advocate for providers, ensuring they receive fair and equitable compensation for the essential work they perform. With nearly 12 years of combined experience, the staff at Providential Billing Solutions specializes in streamlining the billing process for RCF/ALF’s across the Show-Me-State. Our unwavering commitment to compliance and dedication to accuracy means we can maximize your revenue while minimizing your administrative burden. Let us take care of your billing needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support those who selflessly dedicate their lives to serving and assisting others.

Our Vision

We desire to undertake the time-consuming task of a portion of their administrative duties, striving to secure fair and equitable payment for their work performed.

Our Values

  • Trustworthy
  • Committed
  • Dependable
  • Compassionate
  • Available

About Pamela

May I kindly thank you for taking the time to visit my website. 

Within the business world, one of the most rewarding positions I have had the privilege to hold was managing a company that controlled the billing and the assessing process for multiple facilities in the state of Missouri, specifically for the Personal Care Program.

However, my passions and values extend beyond my professional accomplishments. Born in the scenic Ozarks of Missouri, I am the eldest of five siblings and was raised on a rural farm to a family deeply rooted in values of respect, honesty, hard work, and a strong commitment to helping those in need.

In my personal life, I find great joy in music, As a child, I was active in various school functions involving music, and presently, in my church. I am a grateful mother, grandmother, and now a great grandmother, cherishing the moments I spend with my family. Teaching a Sunday School class for preschool children is another blessing that fills my life with purpose. Above all, I am grateful for the presence of God in my life.

My personal interests align with my professional mission – to offer assistance to those who generously give their time and care to those in need by alleviating some of the administrative burden. It is my hope and prayer that my work at Providential Billing Solutions serves as a source of support for these dedicated individuals.

Pamela Drennan,

Owner of Providential Billing Solutions LLC.